Historical Time Line

The major events in the history of the Mifflintown Authority are listed below:

1892 - Water is turned on to Mifflintown from Macedonia Gap


1903 - The Pennsylvania Railroad
constructed the Clearview Dam


1906 - The Pennsylvania Railroad
constructed the Denholm Reservoir


1910 - The Rockville Reservoir is constructed


1950 - Borough of Mifflintown purchases the privately owned Mifflintown Water Company


1951 - Mifflintown Municipal
Authority was created by the Borough of Mifflintown


1952 - Clare Arden "Til" Renninger becomes the first authority rnanager


1960 - the Mifflintown Municipal Authority purchased all
assets of the Clearview Water Company


1962 - new transmission main was
constructed in under the Juniata River between Mifflin and Mifflintown


1966 - 330,000 gallon storage tank constructed in Walker Township


1984 - new water filtration plant built at Denholm


1989 - original Macedonia surface water supply is eliminated


1999 - two wells in Macedonia Gap are added back on the line


2009 - new treatment plant is under construction

About Us

A small dam was constructed at Macedonia Gap, approximately five miles north of town in Fennanagh Township, above the entrance to the Lewistown narrows and a pipeline consisting of six and eight inch diameter cast iron water main was laid from Macedonia Gap to Mifflintown, following the old turnpike. In the two boroughs, the mains were reduced to mostly four inch and some two-inch diameter lines.

Many residents of Fermanagh Township, who lived along the line, also connected their homes to the new water service. Within the two boroughs, fire hydrants connected to the four-inch distribution mains were located at most street comers. On Friday evening, October 7, 1892, T. Van Ervin and his wife went to Macedonia and at 7:45 opened the valve, which let water into the pipes. By 9:30 PM, water mains were filled in Mifflintown and Patterson. Sometime before 1910, a 475,000 gallon in-ground, concrete reservoir was constructed on Berry's Ridge, west of Rockville in Milford Township. This reservoir was gravity fed by the Macedonia Reservoir and designed to maintain a constant pressure and adequate system water storage. The "Rockville Reservoir" is still in use today.

On August 7, 1950 the Borough of Mifflintown entered into a purchase agreement with representatives of the former and privately owned Mifflintown Water Company to purchase all of the assets of the water company. The shareholders of the Mifflintown Water Company were represented by: J. Lloyd Hartman, R Louis Bousum and James M. Mathers. The Mifflintown Municipal Authority was created by the Borough of Mifflintown on December 6, 1951 to conclude this purchase. The first meeting of the new Authority was held on December 27, 1951 and Paul E. "Mope" Shirk was elected Chairman. Following approval of this sale by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission on September 15, 1952, the Authority concluded this purchase for a price of $95,000. To pay for the purchase and establish capital for improvements, bonds in the amount of $125,000 were issued at 3% interest for forty years. On November 25, 1952, Clare Arden "Til" Renninger was selected as the first authority rnanager at an annual salary of $3,000. Over the 52 years since then, other managers have included William Balion, Larry E. Woodling, Stanley "Pete" Worrall (from July 1, 1980 through March 31, 2004), Paul R. Williams and Michael Robinson.


On February 1, 1960, the Mifflintown Municipal AUlhority purchased all assets of the Clearview Water Company from General Waterworks Corporation for a purchase price of $415,000. These assets included the Clearview Dam in Licking Creek valley, the seven miles of sixteen-inch transmission rnain to the Denholm Reservoir, and the two million gallon reservoir. The Pennsylvania Railroad constructed the Clearview Dam in 1903 and the Denholm Reservoir in 1906. In 1960, under the terms of the purchase agreement, General Waterworks Corporation constructed a ten-inch transmission main froin Denholm to Rockville, in Milford Township, to connect the new water supply to the existing system at the eight-inch line leading to the Rockville Reservoir. A new eight-inch transmission main was also constructed in 1962 under the Juniata River between Mifflin and Mifflintown, just below the river bridge. In 1966, a 330,000 gallon storage tank was constructed south of Mifflintown, in Walker Township to help maintain a constant supply and to maintain adequate pressure. The Clearview Dam today supplies the majority of water used in the two Boroughs and surrounding townships.


During 1984-1985, the Mifflintown Municipal Authority undertook a major project to build a new water filtration plant at Denholm, in Milford Township. Additionally, new water transmission mains were laid the entire length of North Street in Mifflintown Borough and east of the Borough to serve the Industrial Park and interchange area in Fermanagh Township. A 225,000 gallon water tower was constructed on Peach Ridge, north of the town and an additional pumping station was added on North Street at School Lane to increase the pressure east of town. A sewer transmission main was constructed from the Industrial Park, along the bank of Schweyer Run to connect with the Borough's sewer system at Cross Street.


In 1989, under orders from the state Department of Environmental Protection, the original Macedonia surface water supply had to be eliminated, as it was not treated via filtration. In 1999, the Authority placed two wells in Macedonia Gap back on line to supplement the water processed through the Denholm treatment faCility. Between the years 1985 and 2002, the Mifflintown Municipal Aulthority, under the management of Stanley "Pete" Worrall, did extensive water main replacement work in and around the two Boroughs to eliminate all old galvanizedmains and loop all lines that dead ended. Extensive main replacement and new
fire hydrant installations occurred in Mifflin Borough. In Mifflintown, new water mains were installed on North Street, Sixth Street (1993), North Fifth Street north of North Street, Seventh Street (1998), Cross Street from Washington Avenue to Schweyer Avenue (1991), South Third Street (1993), West Cedar (1999), North Front Street and West Orange Street (2002). Additional areas that were looped included North Third and South Front Streets (1996). New fire hydrants were installed as needed.


Dale H. (Jack) Henry, III has chaired the Authority board from May, 1992 to June 2008, replacing the late William F. Daup. Paul R. Shellenberger became the current chair in June 2008.


Prior manager "Pete" Worrall retired on March 31, 2004. Michael Robinson is the current manager.

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